your wine experience

With our wine trips and tours you will get to know the most beautiful wine regions in Germany.
Viticulture means manual work with passion.
No vintage is like the other, no wine is like the other, real characters that develop over the years.
We want you to feel this atmosphere. With us you travel safe, unique and special.


Bachelorette and Bachelor Party at Stromberg

On a treasure hunt on the Stromberg:
● Steep slope adventure tour with treasure hunt and integrated wine tasting, solving puzzles and cracking codes
● fun surprises behind the vine
● Wine Tasting with 3 different wines by the Stromberg Zabergäu wine growers
● 1 bottle of sparkling wine for the bachelorette party

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E-Bike Tour to Wildeck Castle

(e) Bike tour around Wildeck Castle, high-quality wines from the Weinsberg state winery and culinary delicacies from the grill:
● eBike tour around the Wildecker vineyards
● Sparkling SeccOhne & snacks
● 4 corresponding wines for the BBQ
● A special class of barbecue event

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Kick Scooter Tour Through the Baden Vineyards

Guided scooter tour in the Markgräflerland:
● Guided kick scooter tour
● Vines and Roman Wine Tour
● regional Baden Vespers
● 1 sparkling wine experience and Wine Tasting with 4 different wines
● 1 bottle of wine from Wein & Hof Hügelheim

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Covered Wagon Ride in the Wild West

With the covered wagon through the wild Kraichgau:
● Covered wagon ride
● 1 sparkling wine to toast
● Wine Tasting with 4 different wines and hearty Baden vesper platter
● 1 bottle of wine for home

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