Wine Recommendations for the Festive Menu from Tanja Zipf

In the Weinsberger Valley, between Schwäbisch Hall and Heilbronn, lies the picturesque wine town of Löwenstein. Tanja and Jürgen Zipf are the third generation to manage the winery of the same name there. In addition to growing the vines that are typical for the region, the couple enjoy experimenting: whether new varieties, expansion of vegan wines in the concrete egg, orange wine or sparkling wine according to the Méthode Traditionnelle – a visit to the Zipf winery is a delightful surprise trip in terms of variety and Taste. Tanja Zipf reveals today which wines from Zipf’s cellar go best with fine and sumptuous Christmas and festive meals.


Winery Zipf

Let the festival begin – with seafood and oysters

Oysters should by no means be older than five days – the 2010 Pinot “X” Brut nature sparkling wine, on the other hand, may have been on yeast for a good ten years. It enchants with a shimmering golden color, clear reflections and the finest mousseux; its bouquet spoils the nose with aromas of quince and ripe pear. The taste is fresh – matching fine seafood; on the palate it appears delicate and slim. Tanja Zipf: “You should drink the Pinot” X “out of a large white wine glass, because this is the only way to develop the abundance of aromas!”

Wines with fish starters and creamy soups

White or rosé – the choice is not easy. The 2020 White Burgundy *** dry is full, spicy and juicy. His home is a steep, stony vineyard with mineral silica sandstone. The barren soil and the altitude of 400 meters result in wines with acidity and a fine, elegant structure. This extravagant wine with a very independent profile and finely pronounced minerality is fermented and matured in wooden barrels. It delights with a bouquet of ripe apples and spicy herbs. “The White Burgundy is the finer, more elegant representative of the Burgundy family. Like sparkling wine, it should also be drunk from large glasses, ”recommends Tanja Zipf.

Anyone who is inclined to rosé should reach for 2020 Geschwisterliebe *** dry. This fruity, elegant and fresh wine surprises with a light brick-red color and great fruit, which is characterized by raspberries and herbs. Tanja Zipf explains the name: “The godparents for this wonderful rosé are our children Lukas and Inka.” Freshness, juiciness and bite – these are the characteristics that characterize the love of siblings.

Fed up with poultry – roast duck and goose for the feast

Free-range geese and free-range ducks have long since left the image of a fat Christmas roast. Lush taste is still provided – and that calls for wines that can keep their balance with this abundance of impressions. No wonder that Tanja Zipf reaches for a 2016 Pinot Noir ****, matured in barriques, which convinces with its dark cherry red color and a whole bouquet of aromas of cherries as well as a hint of roasted aromas from the first sip. The fine body conveys the desired comforting warmth, fruit and freshness maintain the liveliness. Tanja Zipf: “The soil in the vineyard changes from Gipskeuper to Schilfwandstein – this soil is ideal for Pinot Noir.”

You can take a trip to the heights of the Löwenstein Mountains with the 2018 LUKAS Pinot Noir *** dry, for which Tanja and Jürgen Zipf’s son was the godfather. The bouquet brings out typical Burgundy aromas such as black cherry and sloe, on the palate there are fine roasted aromas and chocolate. Nevertheless, this wine always retains its elegance – and with a long aftertaste it ensures lasting drinking pleasure.

Festive classics – game dishes and roast beef

At first glance you would not locate it in the Weinsberger Tal: The 2017 Merlot dry Reserve is a special child of the Zipf couple. On the Löwensteiner Wohlfahrtsberg it grows between Lemberger and Riesling – and really shows what it can do: With a strong color with a dark core, fine roasted aromas and a gripping taste with silky elegance, it is made to accompany game and beef.

The 2019 Prestige dry red wine proves that assemblage is truly an art. In the glass, the cuvée delights with cherry red and violet reflections, in the nose with aromas of blackberry and clove. Young, yet well integrated tannins accompany the fruity and elegant taste, which lasts for a long time. Tanja Zipf: “This wine has the power of the sun and the taste of deep soil in it. For maximum enjoyment, it should therefore be caraffed before drinking. “

A typical representative of his homeland is the 2018 Lemberger *** dry steep slope. It is powerful, elegant and full-bodied, with a shimmering purple-red color, an intense aroma of dark berries and a strong taste. The well-integrated tannins are a pleasure, the harmonious balance between body and elegance is second to none. Tanja Zipf: “The Lemberger should also be decanted in a carafe so that it receives the oxygen it needs to develop its aromas.”

The spicy finish – pies with liver and spicy cheese

The 2020 3-compartment Z *** dry white wine cuvée from Gewürztraminer, Kerner and Riesling joins pâté and cheese. Much melting, elegant acidity, clear fruit notes and a unique bouquet convince numerous wine lovers. Tanja Zipf’s clear recommendation for everyone who wants to meet the tastes of as many guests as possible with certainty.

If you are in the mood for something new and unfamiliar, your party will surprise you with the 2020 Gewürztraminer dry. The mash-fermented orange wine is fresh, aromatic and fine. It shimmers golden yellow in the glass with onion skin-colored reflections. Its aromas are floral and spicy with nuances of rose, nutmeg, banana and caramel. Good acid structure and long aftertaste, which is characterized by meadow herbs, chocolate caramel and minerality, increases the joy with every sip. A white wine that brings all the benefits of traditional red wine production to perfection. Tanja Zipf: “Our orange wine goes perfectly with raclette and cheese fondue – two popular festive dishes with cheese.”


Jürgen und Tanja Zipf

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with sparkling wine according to the Méthode Traditionnelle

In Germany, 400 million bottles of sparkling wine are opened every year with a more or less loud bang – most of them around New Year’s Eve. If you want to greet the year in a particularly stylish way, you can use sparkling wine: the base wines come from their own vineyards and sparkling wine is made in the bottle using the champagne method (also known as the Méthode Traditionnelle). The 2010 Pinot “X” Brut nature sparkling wine recommended by Tanja Zipf as a starter is ideal for celebrating the New Year in style. Santé!

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