Winter Golf – the Special Pleasure in the Cold Season

If you mothball your golf bag and trolley after you have been drained, you are missing out on a lot. Many courses in Germany offer to continue to play after the official end of the season. Those who take advantage of the winter months experience great natural spectacles, relaxed laps and are well ahead in terms of fitness at the start of the season.

With small luggage on the winter golf course

The lush splendor of autumn is over. The trees have thinned, the colors green and brown dominate the landscape around fairways and greens. Reduced overall, as well as the equipment required for winter golf. The e-cart stays in the garage because the ground is too damp in places and the grass on the fairways does not regenerate as quickly. The trolley can also spend the winter at home, because anyone who has ever had the mixture of damp earth and lawn clippings glued to their device would like to save themselves that. A look in the tour bag makes it clear: Now sorting out is the order of the day.

What has accumulated in the golf bag over the summer! When repacking in the much slimmer carry bag, you have to think about what you want to carry on your back. The driver has to come with a piece of wood, iron S, P, 7, 8 and 9. In the side pockets go winter tea (this wonderful invention of cones that are convex at the top and connected with a cord), pitch fork and bag towel, to keep the clubs clean on the round. Plus three balls, that should be enough. It is easier to play with light luggage – and the score is usually no worse with fewer clubs. Just try it out.

The best time of day for winter golf

“The only thing a golfer needs is more daylight,” said golf legend Ben Hogan in a nutshell. Winter days are short, the early morning and late evening rounds of summer are over. A look at the thermometer also shows that the lunchtime hours are perfect for winter golf. You should now pay special attention to the consistent warm-up and a certain number of strokes to warm up. Muscles and tendons are cold on arrival at the driving range and lumbago is not something a golfer can put on his scorecard. Incidentally, it doesn’t always have to be 18 holes in winter, even three or four holes provide the necessary exercise in the fresh air and fun at the game.

Onions with spikes – the winter outfit

Speaking of fresh air: the right clothing is very important for winter golf. As with many outdoor sports, the onion principle is recommended. Functional underwear (if it’s really cold, also the long pants), a layer over it, then the windbreaker. What also works is a combination of sweat and down or a double-knit troyer. Lined winter golf trousers are good for you; the feet are in golf shoes, which are now allowed to reach over the ankles and whose soles – depending on the local rules – are equipped with soft spikes. Special golf gloves provide the necessary grip, while a scarf and hat protect the head area when the wind blows a little stronger. Tip: Now carry the ball you are playing in your pocket. The golf ball becomes more elastic due to the body heat and has better impact and flight properties.

Eating and drinking on the winter circuit

In summer you sweat while playing golf and the water bottle is always within reach. In winter, the body loses a lot of water even without obvious beads of sweat, but you hardly feel thirsty. It is all the more important to keep reaching for the water bottle. Cold water is now often perceived as uncomfortable – warm herbal teas that fit in a small thermos bottle in the carrying bag are better. A muesli bar is the best choice for nibbling, because fruit can freeze.

Winter golf training indoors and outdoors

Many golf schools also offer training in winter. Alone or in a group, you can use the time without a tournament to work on your swing, the mostly neglected short game and small mistakes. You will maintain your fitness and start the tournament season well prepared in spring! The driving range is usually playable all year round, practice greens are released depending on the weather. The greens on the course will be switched to winter greens at some point. Never mind – there is no putting, but you can practice your approach strokes; when there is not much going on on the pitch, even with several balls. If it becomes too inhospitable outside or if ice and snow make golfing impossible, simply switch to an indoor golf course. Many clubs and hotels now offer these for use. So you don’t have to putt on the living room carpet to indulge your passion for golf. Have fun!

Would you like to try out winter golf or have you long since fallen for the cool golf variant? Take a look at the current winter golf offers or enjoy your golf excursion or similar.

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